similar to WHO?

hi guys! 🙂

i’m sasha the owner of this blog.

i decided to creait a game for you! we have a lot of games like guess who? who? what and…

similar to who is a game which you should guess which idol looks like the idol we introduce! 🙂

but whats the reason that we call them similar?

bcoz of their look? their voice? their talents? their hight ?…. its alot of fun! trust me

now we start



which idol is similar to snsd’s (girls generation) sunny and why?

want some guidance?

he is a member of a 6 member male group. he born in April 30, 1989 in busan!

did you guess it?

go under cut to see the answer! 🙂


he is 2pm wooyoung!

and the reason?

ofcourse they looks! they have similar eyes , similar face , similar smile!

what do you think?

did u guess it right?



One Comment on “similar to WHO?”

  1. Mahsima says:

    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa they look like each other! they have similar smile!! maybe he is Sunny’s brother, but i know he isn’t! KeKe

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