similar to who 2!


the 2nd similar 2 who!

we came back with big bang hot dancer taeyang to make u guess who he is similar 2! 😉

now some help. her name also start with t.she is one of a famus korean girl band and she came from us!

did u guess it?

check it then 🙂


thats right! girls generation’s tiffany is the answer. and why they are similar?

they similar eye smile ofcourse. check the photo down!



2 Comments on “similar to who 2!”

  1. سیمی says:

    عااااااااااااااالی بود

  2. سیمی says:

    راستی میخوای واقعا نویسنده بشی تو وبم؟
    اگه میخوای که یه یوزر و پس بهم بده

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