We Are Finally Here :)




Hello everyone!

Do you guys even remember me? 🙂

Well..After i think 3 years i finally came here to tell you the issue.

As i said before, My country forbided wordpress so i don’t have access to it without my VPN account :(((((

Another problem is i’m finally (if god wants) going to go to university (yay yay yay) so i won’t have enough time for all kpop singers… You know what i mean right? ^^


So what i’m going to do?

I’ve already opened another blog just for BIGBANG,2NE1,YG GIRLS, SUJU, SNSD, FX, EXO, TVXQ AND SHINEE


Bad news are:

It may get unaccessable via my country. so it may have changes in address. 

It is Persian!!!


Good news are: 

Its update (daily)

beside photos, we have MVs, Reality Shows, Facts (in persian), Profiles (Persian as well), Songs

We have complete archive of our bands official photos (yayyyy)


So you can come there, enjoy photos and songs and etc, Give me some support and just have fun 🙂



Here is the address (symedia.bloghaa.com)



Thats all i got to say

Thanks for Reading 🙂



With lots of love Sam





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